On your wedding day, capturing stunning portraits of you and your loved ones is a top priority. Learning photogenic poses for wedding portraits ahead of time ensures you feel relaxed and confident during your couple’s shoot. Rather than getting stressed at the moment, preparing some elegant stances together makes photography fun and enjoyable.

10 Stunning Wedding Photo Poses for Romantic Portraits

This guide covers 10 easy yet dramatic wedding poses for artistic, romantic portraits you’ll treasure forever.

The Dip

A stunning pose like the dip immediately makes a bold statement in Wedding Portraits. To pull it off, the groom needs arm strength to safely dip the bride backward or sideways. She can stabilize by wrapping an arm around his neck. When done right, gorgeous lines and dimensions showcase your attire.

Silhouette Sunset Pose

Another pose that lends drama to Wedding Portraits is capturing your silhouette against a setting sun. Stand sideways together on a cliff, beach, or mountaintop, facing the vibrant colors. Hold hands, embrace, kiss, or let your gown/coat blow in the wind for variation.

The Forehead Touch

For an intimate moment in your Wedding Portraits, stand close with heads tilted together and foreheads lightly pressed together. This affectionate gesture translates beautifully on camera, especially in black and white. Let your eyes fall closed as you soak up the sensation and connection.

The Twirl

Inject some playful motion into your Wedding Portraits with the twirl. The groom raises the bride waist-high and spins her around while she kicks her feet back. Her gown and hair sweep dramatically. For safety, spin slowly and hold on tight! This pose brings out authentic joy and fun.

The Sweetheart Pose

Create cute candid moments amidst your Wedding Portraits by affectionately tilting your heads together. Bend your arms up to link together like paper doll cutouts. Feel free to exaggerate your head tilt and facial expressions for an endearing, authentic capture.

The Long Embrace

Few gestures represent devotion and comfort better than a long embrace. Envelop each other fully in your arms, eyes closed, and heads nestled into shoulders. Gently rock back and forth or stroke your partner’s back to capture raw emotion for your Wedding Portraits.

The Romantic Walk

Strolling casually together with arms interlocked makes for romantic, carefree Wedding Portraits. Let your photographer follow discretely beside or ahead of you on an ocean beach, garden path, or wooded trail. Exchange loving gazes and sweet nothings as you meander peacefully, forgetting the camera.

The Veil Blow

On a windy cliff or field, have the bride stretch her veil out horizontally with both hands while the groom stands behind adoringly. Let the billowing sheer fabric sweep dramatically across the scene. This creates a striking artistic dimension within your Wedding Portraits.

The Forehead Kiss

What better way to encapsulate love in your Wedding Portraits than with a tender kiss? Face your partner, gently clasp their cheeks, and gently kiss their forehead. Eyes closed and standing close together make this sweet moment shine emotionally on camera.

The Hero Pose

Let your groom play the heroic lead by literally sweeping you off your feet into his arms. Facing each other, have him dip slightly and scoop you up waist-high. Wrap your arms tightly around his neck for support as he cradles you. This pose makes a romantic, sweeping statement in Wedding Portraits.

The Photo Finish

To end your Wedding Portrait shoot on a dramatic high note, strike a dancing silhouette pose against a setting sun. Stretch your arms out wide, embrace loosely, and sway gently together, surrounded by vibrant, moody colors. Glance lovingly at each other for a proper photo finish.


This guide covered 10 photogenic poses perfect for relaxed, romantic, and artistic Wedding Portraits. Rather than posing awkwardly on your big day, preparing some elegantly effortless stances together ensures your comfort, confidence, and enjoyment in front of the lens. With stunning, expressive couple photography locked in, you’re free to be fully present and in the moment at your ceremony and reception celebrations.

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